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Pirated Windows running so that they can use Offfice... I think it will be a matter of time before Office is replaced in open (star) office.

I am a fan of MS and my bread and butter is because of MS.. But, when you want to set up something in your home - all legal software, the cost of OS+Office equals 3/4th cost of my machine. So, I switched gears.

We wernt talking anything if Linux was not thought in schools... why are we now talking about this when schools are not teaching windows.


I have nothing against teaching Linux at schools, I am just against teaching only 1 platform in school and also ignoring one of the most widely used platform too. I would actually recommed that schools and colleges teach atleast two platforms so that students are able to understand a wider set of technologies.


You should understand that there are a lost of cost involved in stupid licensing schemes people cook up to make money.Well FOS is a good option and think of it as a good oppurtunity for the student in schools to learn linux so that in the future more open source is promoted.Windows well there can be one pc or something with it (well what happen to the mac ?).Well in schools kids don't acutally learn to architect a multi-tier cross platform transactional web service so why the big fuzz.Well when they get into techincal colleges may be they will understand more



it is myopia on part of kerala to take this step.


One should n't restrict one's knowledge or make forcefully learn only particular thing!
Knowledge need not have any restrictions that is the point here.


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